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Stock Options Trading Just Got Easy.

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We hate to brag so we'll let some of our members do it for us:

Very detailed and practical
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The course is very detailed and they explain very approachable strategies, which seem to be profitable and keep risk under control. I haven't traded yet so I can't comment on the performance yet.

Luke S
First course that actually helps!!
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I signed up thinking it was going to be another scam but it actually provides such good knowledge and actual steps on how to trade and be profitable. Definit...

Antoniette D
One of the best courses out there
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I bought the course about 3 months ago and I have realised the value Cobravest offers. The fact that they actually teach proper strategies as opposed to the others is awesome

Russell G
Well taught material and great performance
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I have seen various posts and ads on social media about @cobravest showing multiple wins back to seemed too good to be true and I had my doubts.

Jane R
Love the strategies
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Thank you guys for showing me how to trade options profitably! I have gone from $15k to $27k in 3 months and am investing every penny into it.

Glenda S
Well worth the investment
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I signed up for Cobravest course recently and have been loving my experience. I came in with little to no information about trading options and already made progress.

Marta K
Everything you need to know to be a profitable trader
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I have for years tried to get that "10 bagger" stock which only resulted in losing money and effectively gambling. This course has really opened my eyes.

Christie Manning
Best investment made
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In the past I have enrolled to a couple of other forex/options trading groups but none of them explained how to actually trade options consistently.

Dax G
Consistent profits
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Cobravest has made my journey of becoming a profitable, consistent trader achievable and enjoyable. There is plenty of information, courses, videos from whic...

Stephanie V
Detailed course with easy to follow strategies
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I have been investing for the past 2 years - mainly buy and hold as I was afraid of picking individual stocks. I have had decent returns but Cobravest's course

Grace Hall
The Cobravest course is great for learning
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The Cobravest course is great for learning especially when just starting out, it gives you all the info you need. It starts with general knowledge and progre...

Christine P
Lots of useful info
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I purchased the course as I am just learning about stocks and so far the information has been helpful and easy to understand as I am just beginning.

Harry G
Simple yet very powerful
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I have been trading for about 3/3.5years with mixed results. I decided to give Cobravest a try as I wanted to improve my trading. I was so pleased to find this course.

Andy Dawson
Eye opening stuff!
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I LOVE these strategies because they are simple to follow and can be applied to pretty much any market! The course is somewhat expensive, but if that's totally worht it. Recommend!

Keith Doyle

What's Included in our trading programs

Passive income trading course

Money-Back Guarantee*

Free 7-day Trial

Then £130, 6 Monthly Payments

Passive income trading course

Money-Back Guarantee*

Free 7-day Trial

Then £699, One Time Payment


1-on-1 Zoom Call

Money-Back Guarantee*


1 Hour

In-Person Course

Money-Back Guarantee*


15 Hours

What We Offer


Our training content take you through the strategies in step-by-step, practical detail: from understanding the financial markets, to selecting your instruments, placing your trade, to even applying my specialized strategy for digging yourself out from a rough losing position. It’s all actionable info with zero ambiguity or guesswork.


In our 24/7 Discord community, you’ll have access to information you can use to profit on Day 1. Our professional traders post their very own trades, backed up with their strategy and reasoning. You can learn by simply understanding and following their moves and claim copy-paste profits at the same time!


We’re invested in your success and want to see you seize life-changing success through the stock market. You can look forward to personalized attention, answered questions, and a no-nonsense game plan that any trader can leverage to become a more skilled, more consistent trader.


Our video vault has over 15 hours of content and is still growing! Students receive lifetime access as well as access to all new videos as they are released. This alone is enough info to completely take any confused newbie and propel them to become a confident, consistent trader who knows what to do and how to do it.

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Our aim is to provide step-by-step strategies that work in all market conditions. The strategies we teach are the same we have been trading for the past several years – because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Our members-only Discord group is full of conversation, community building and ideas. Network, meet new friends, and devise new strategy from anywhere at any time. Many members are also well-versed in real estate, crypto and more, helping you round out your portfolio with diverse and fruitful investments.

On top of your FREE trial, you’re also protected by

The Most Generous Guarantee in the Finance Industry

About The Trading System


Most traders see losses as inevitable: a baked in aspect of trading. Matteo sees things differently. With his one-of-a-kind reversal strategy, even trades that go deep into the red can be quickly salvaged into breaking even (or better).


We’ve all seen the inked-up diagrams with a dozen indicators and prediction lines drawn all over it. How is anyone supposed to take anything meaningful away from that?! Matteo’s brutally honest and boiled-down system is simple enough for a child to use.


No vagueness, no ambiguity. We take guessing and feeling completely out of the equation with a hyper-simplified “If you see this, do that” strategy that quickly yields profits 90%+ of the time.


The stock market can seem chaotic and unpredictable… at face value. Matteo goes beyond the surface level numbers to reveal and ride trends on a daily basis.

Professional options trader looking at charts


Even if you have a time-consuming day job, you can still take full part in this service. Aside from the live trades taken in the mornings, we have plenty of multi-day trades that you can consistently profit on even if you see them hours later.


All skill levels are welcome and catered to! You can take this as far as you want it: from profitable side gig for pocket money, all the way up to making this a lucrative new career path where you can bring in a consistent $5k / week or more.

Lifetime Access.

All students have lifetime access to the course and ongoing new video releases, as well as new strategies we release on an ongoing basis.

Risk Management.

We are true believers that being able to manage risk and trades that go against us is the key to being profitable in the long term. Learn how to focus on position sizing, managing losses and why risk management is crucial to trading success.

“The Lazy Guy’s Path To Success.”

My name is Matteo Busetti and something that always bothered my about other services is that you’re basically chained to your desk watching tickers rise and fall all day.

Other trading pros put huge emphasis on timing the *perfect* entry – so much so that it becomes impossible to win if you don’t have a wide-open schedule and lightning reflexes.

I designed Cobravest to be a lazy guy’s path to success.

Many of the trades I take will work even if you take them hours later, or even the next day. You aren’t expected to be on-screen and trade-ready for huge blocks of time.

The whole point of options trading is to build yourself freedom – not take on another time commitment!

Create A Second Income Stream

The strategies we teach do not require spending hours everyday in front of a screen. We will teach you strategies focused on creating steady and consistent profits with risk management embedded within it.

So Who Is Matteo Busetti, Anyway?

Matteo Busetti rose from total novice in the world of stock options to predictably and powerfully successful. Today, 4 years into his journey, he’ll be the first to tell you it’s not about how long you’ve been trading that determines your success.

It’s also not about intelligence, or one’s ability to “feel it.” It all boils down to comprehending a strategy and actually sticking to it. Do that, and any trader will be successful.

It’s a system: do the input, get the output. Follow the strategy, yield the profits.

Matteo’s simplified cause-effect teaching style is helping people become so dependably profitable that he has not only mentored thousands of students around the world, but also his family members and friends. Ready to join them?

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